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Hosted Exchange

  • The best solution for business email
  • 99.999% Uptime Guarantee
  • Mix and match plans. No minimum. No yearly contract



Mail Access

Access your email from anywhere at any time.

Calender Share

Share your calendar with everyone in your organization.

Contacts Sharing

Share and synchronize contacts.

Easy Tasks

Schedule and manage your tasks.

Resource Mailboxes

Create resource mailboxes to manage conference rooms, projectors, laptops, etc.

Mobile Synch

Synchronize any mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android…).

Documents Sharing

Share documents with public folders.

Lost Device Security

Remotely wipe any lost device.


Hosted Exchange, the popular Microsoft email and productivity solution, is now available in a new reliable, resilient and feature-packed version. In addition to email, calendar and document sharing, Hosted Exchange 2013 brings you a streamlined Outlook Web App interface with enhanced touch for mobile users, the possibility to gather all contacts from various locations (Facebook, LinkedIn, address books, etc.) in one place, and a convenient tool that memorizes your behavior for easier, faster searches.

Exchange is a high-end business email and collaboration solution that we host on a top-of-the-line infrastructure maintained by Microsoft-certified engineers. We provide the latest Outlook applications that allow rich email creation, management and archiving, as well as calendar, tasks, contacts. With the addition of ActiveSync mobile synchronization, you can access your emails in real-time on your smartphone through PUSH technology. Hosted Exchange is quick and easy to deploy, and you can add or remove users at will on our user-friendly control panel.

feature 1: MOBILITY .
Stay connected to your inbox thanks to real-time synchronization on your iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile or any smartphone,Get more done when you're on the move!

feature 2: FLEXIBILITY .
Securely access your inbox through the full-featured and familiar Outlook Web App (OWA) from virtually any platform, web browser, or mobile device.

feature 3: EFFICIENCY .
Share calendars or distribution lists with clients, just as if they were part of your organization.

feature 4: OUTLOOK 2013 . Benefit from many improvements:
* Cleaner, uncluttered look.
* Faster emails and quick deletes.
* Easier access to contact information from social networks.
* Forgotten attachment reminders.

Help your team communicate and share information more efficiently. Lync hosting makes it easy and affordable for organizations to provide a consistent, single client experience for presence awareness, secure instant messaging, voice, video, and virtual meetings. Its seamless integration with the entire Microsoft Office family of apps also means little-to-no-learning curve for users. If you can use email or web, you can use Lync. Lync is built for the workplace. It provides leading-edge real-time communications capabilities, including multi-party (3+) audio/video web meetings, desktop/application/presentations sharing, file transfer, live polls and Q&A sessions.

Feature 1: Lync Meetings
* Immediately start a meeting or send invitations via email for a later time.
* Take advantage of the Lync Web App to do web conferencing with attendees from anywhere.
* Increase user adoption with the integrated touch screen experience for the web.
* Grab your attendees' attention with the Video Spotlight option that focuses on one participant's video, with up to 5 participants live videos simultaneously displayed in the client app.
* Save time by recording your Lync Meeting presentations.
* Lower real-estate and facility costs using collaborative technologies. Organizations can expand operations and geographic reach without incurring the costs of additional office infrastructure.
* Reduce travel and training costs with web conferencing that connects participants with meetings or "events" when they do not need to be physically present.
* Increase efficiency by reusing recorded materials to share information.

Feature 2:Mobility and Interoperability
* Access Lync from anywhere in the world with integration to Exchange Outlook Web App.
* Take advantage of the enhanced mobile client that integrates audio and video features.
* Ease your team collaboration with the Lync for Mac client.

Feature 3:Desktop, programs, presentations, polls and Q&A sharing

Feature 4: Persistent chat rooms
* Keep your team up-to-date with the persistent chat room feature that provides permanent group chats and topic feeds.

Feature 5:Federated services
* Extend presence awareness and contacts listing to your partners by federating directories with other organizations

ADSync is a synchronization tool that allows system administrators to automatically send user attributes from their active directory to SaasGator hosted Exchange's Active Directory. It synchronizes all the user profiles on your servers' active directory with SaasGator's infrastructure. This saves time and cuts through the laborious task of setting up a large number of users, one by one, in our control panel. Moreover, ADSync handles all subsequent modifications made to the users' profile.

ADSync is an integration application that focuses on synchronizing external Active Directory's entities to a hosted Exchange provider's infrastructure. Its primary use is for large organizations that already have an AD infrastructure so they can forward their user updates to their hosted Exchange provider's environment and provide a "same login" experience to their users.